The Eliot School, Outside

Eliot School Outside by Charlie Rosenberg


The Eliot School inside is no longer available as a public site.

Site Coordinators:  Kingsley Weihe.

Hosted by The Eliot School


This site at 24 Eliot Street accommodates 14 artists outside.

Each artist has 10 foot x 10 foot area of display space.  Artists showing outside are required to pay an additional $25 fee to cover the cost of an overnight security guard (payable upon acceptance to this location).

No ES furniture, including stools and chairs, may be taken outdoors.

No signage or marketing materials can be attached to the ES building, sign or fence.

ES staff can not assist JPOS exhibitors. All work involved in hanging and displaying art must be handled by individual artists. ES reserves the right of final approval of all art exhibited. There is no parking on ES grounds. Artists may bring their car in for brief trips to unload and pack up, but remember that space for cars is tight and all artists need to share access to the area. Traffic can get congested at the end of JPOS during clean-up, so we suggest streamlining your pick-up, keeping to a minimum the time your car is actually on the grounds. It will help things go smoothly if artists help each other load their cars during the pack-up period.

2. SET UP:

ES will be open for drop-off and set up of art as follows:

10 am - 9 pm or as set up by the site coordinators.

Please adhere to this schedule, alternate arrangements can not be accommodated at this site. Artists will need to help move ES tables. Strong friends can help!


Remember: This location has been donated to the Jamaica Plain Arts Council for use during Open Studios. It is a full time school the rest of the time. Respect the space, the people who run the facility and your fellow artists!

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