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Taylor House, Footlight Club, Stony Brook Fine Arts and other Private or Hosted Spaces

These sites are private. Sites such as Loring Greenough House, Taylor House and Footlight Club only house artists who are related in some way to the activities at that location. For example, if you are a set designer, actor, etc at the Footlight Club, you may be considered for showing there

Please note that the Jamaica Plain Arts Council has no control or say as to who gets to show at these private sites. Artists who wish to show at these sites MUST approach the private site and make inquiries themselves.

If they are accepted into one of these sites, artists should register as an individual artist (not as a group site artist).

A sampling of Private Sites and Hosted Sites. For more possibilities, see our Facebook page. Better yet, make your own private site by inviting artists to show with you!

Footlight Club - Private Site. Only artists who are associated with or work with the Footlight Club may be curated in.

Artists who wish to show at LG House,  either inside or on the lawn, need to call the coordinator, Carol Summers, before registration, to apply for an invitation to the show there.  If accepted, the artist will register with the JPOS as an Individual Studio location, instead of as a group site. Spaces may be available inside. There is also prime lawn space for people with tents.

Note from Carol: Very regrettably, we cannot assign you a second space inside in case of rain.  But, you are welcome to show outside --- it's a feisty and active place, plenty of traffic!

StonyBrook Fine Arts - Private Site - Contact Anne Sasser, 617-522-3331. Stonybrookfinearts.com

Outside spaces in their parking lot, adjacent to the Brewery Group site.

Taylor House Bread and Breakfast - Private Site.

Contact www.taylorhouse.com

If you are interested in starting your own private site or hosting other artists, post up on our facebook page and get some buzz going!

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