Jamaica Plain Open Studios Gallery

Adrian Negenborn

Location: 128 Brookside Ave


Adrian Negenborn is a painter and 2010 MFA graduate from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design.

Whether isolating thick swipes of paint or mingling fluid lines with chancy splices, Adrian Negenborn strives to find the significance in gesture and mark making. “My process is characterized by excavation,” says Negenborn. “Oscillating from visceral to analytic, spontaneous to meditated, I respond to the initial flurry of marks laid on the canvas. I am always trying to make something from nothing, to dig something out of the mass of gestures.”

Interested in transparency and contrast, Negenborn’s paintings can also give the illusion of exuding light or being lit from behind. His method of layering various colors or shades of colors allow his works to possess a distinctive push-pull effect. In more than one work, I almost thought that a brush stroke was floating in front of the painting itself – which of course it’s not.

Primarily using acrylic paint on canvas and/or paper, Negenborn’s works are at once abstract, energetic and spontaneous. “I never fully know when a painting is done until it feels right; it reaches an in between state somewhere amidst harmony and disharmony. Eventually, a glance at an experience coming into being reveals itself out of the mass of gestures.”

Business Name: Adrian Negenborn
Phone: 2169267366
Email: negenborn.adian@gmail.com

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