Jamaica Plain Open Studios Gallery

Allen Spivack

Location: 71 Moraine St (back yard)

Allen works in steel and crafts both functional pieces for the house or garden as well as abstract sculptures based on a variety of themes. His recent work focuses on several themes: (1) honoring how his wonderfully full  life has reached this miraculous point; (2) bearing witness to the greatest force in the universe- the creative impulse-that guides us every second of our lives; and (3) exploring aspects of human imagination, spontaneity, chance and dumb luck that come into play as we make our personal journey through life. "Mastering the technical skills required to create art takes time. I continue to learn how to work with steel-cut it, grind it, shape it- so that it captures my vision. Most important to me now is simply continuing to make art. Each piece, I hope, is a small step forward in realizing my artistic vision and improving my craftsmanship." 

Business Name: Allen Spivack
Phone: 617-620-1443
Email: allenmspi@gmail.com

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