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Allycia Waxman

Location: Kitchen Witch 671 Centre St Jamaica Plain MA

Allycia Waxman was born and raised by a single mother. Legend has it that Hot Fun in the Summertime by Sly & the Family Stone was playing in the background when she entered the world. 

Allycia doesn’t like walnuts, and she is afraid of dying.  She also thinks that cocoa and cacao are two different foods.  

If you ask her when she first knew she wanted to be a photographer, Allycia will tell you it was when she visited Italy.  Then she will tell you it was in El Salvador.  Then you will remember that she is a Pisces.  Pick which ever answer you like best.

It is important to know that the camera does for Allycia what she so often believes (albeit falsely) she can not do herself: make contact with the Great Reality that surrounds us all.  Just as a tinted glass allows us to admire the beautiful rays of the sun, the lens of a camera allows us a startling glimpse of the Divine.  Allycia might tell you that these glimpses often turn into long gazes. She hopes to communicate this to her audience and help as many people as she can along the Way. 

Allycia fell in Love with a boy named Matthew. They are happily married, and have a black cat named Luna.  They currently reside in Jamaica Plain, a neighborhood of Boston, MA.

Business Name: Allycia Waxman Photography
Phone: 617-959-9492
Email: allyciawaxmanphotography@gmail.com

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