Jamaica Plain Open Studios Gallery

Amanda Barrow

Location: 15 Eliot Street, first floor

Recent travels in Asia, Europe, and New Zealand have enhanced my personal vision, leading me to dig deeper into the indigenous spiritual ambiance of the East in my artwork. Synthesizing these Eastern concepts with the Western visual language of my upbringing is my intention. I experiment with transparency and explore the inherent structure of my chosen medium. The resulting work, including prints and paintings, presents a broad range of abstractions that utilize nature, architecture and the human body as my primary sources of inspiration.    

     Amanda Barrow was raised in the Mid-west by an Episcopalian priest and social worker, in an environment conducive to creativity and abstract thinking. In 1992, a Fulbright research grant provided an opportunity for her to live and work in India for 13 months. At present, she lives/works in Massachusetts, New York and Maine. Her work is in the collections of the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, the Boston and New York Public Libraries, and the Museum of the Book in the Netherlands, among numerous other places around the world.                    www.amandabarrow.net




Business Name: Amanda Barrow
Email: bridge_arts@yahoo.com

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