Jamaica Plain Open Studios Gallery

Ann Turley

Location: Taylor House Bed & Breakfast - 50 Burroughs Street, Jamaica Plain, MA 02130

Since 2010 my focus has been Seascape. I work in series and in 2015 I became fascinated with waves and rocks, the geometry, the force, as well as the power, volume and sound of the vast amount of water that makes up the oceans on our planet. As the fragility of the environment of our planet has become more dire, my interest in depicting the ocean has evolved from the aesthetic and the beautiful to a more political interest that includes documentation. I feel that an attraction to the ocean is universal, one that I have always shared. Water is vastly interesting for its reflective qualities as well as its transparency, the ability to look through water and to see what is within. Most of my current work is inspired by the rocky coast of New England and, in particular, Bass Rocks in Gloucester MA.

Business Name: Ann Turley
Phone: 617-323-5018
Email: ann@annturley.com

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