Jamaica Plain Open Studios Gallery

Belozersky, Coleman, Gove, Levien, Maestre, Novetsky, Pechet, Sharon Sass

Location: 125 So. Huntington

Alex Belozersky is a well-established Russian-born sculptor whose works in ceramics, tar paper and metal are found in numerous exhibitions and private collections in Boston and nation-wide.

Sandy Coleman - I am driven by an unrelenting curiosity and a desire to play with a variety of mark-making materials and concepts revolving around the spirit of women. The openness of being present also leads me to create artwork that reflects my fascination with the rejuvenative nature of circles as well as the unspoken language of patterns—from the Kente cloth of my unknown African ancestors to the patchwork quilts created by my Alabama grandmother.  

Carol Gove - I draw from nature, landscape, and abstract expressionism, attempting to strike a balance between painterly gesture and the physicality of a pasted collage fragment. I mine a personal and aesthetic history for source material, re-using scraps of old handwritten letters, yellowing labels, sheet music from the 40's/50's, sewing patterns and other memorabilia from the lives of familial others, creating something new from something old. 

Jill Levien - I am a visual artist whose primary medium has been two dimensional work; painting, drawing and collage.  For many years modular origami has been a hobby I indulge when I need to meditate.  

Jennifer Maestre  - Many creative endeavors begin with a nicely sharpened pencil and a two dimensional surface. My obsession with the point has led me from two dimensions to three. The texture created by a mass of pointed ends was inspired by sea urchins.  The opposing blunt ends offer a different aesthetic experience: a delicate mosaic, a smooth spotted skin.

Diane Novetsky - My abstract paintings are built up in layers—like the strata of the earth—using a variety of acrylic-based mediums which echo the gritty qualities of natural sand and stone.  My work suggests an invented landscape or the shifting of geologic plates of the earth’s crust. Luminous veils of transparent color over textured surfaces evoke a strong sense of the internal forces, rhythms and energy of the earth and its bodies of water ~

Kitty Pechet
I surf/ I paint,/I draw a longtail (a Bermuda sea gull)./We ride air currents./At some point, I give up control./
I break free of the graph paper source of calligraphy/ Into the open space of board and brush,/ I ride through foam, aware/ Of teeming life and layers beneath/ My brush, no outsider, strokes/ Deep inside the beauty,/ Folly and energy of this world./ I begin to paint and draw, often as play,/ With intention but no plan./
Charcoal, paint, board take on/ Their own life, start to breathe,/ Demand nourishment, direct me.

Sharon Sass - My paintings are about the interplay of light, color and nature. I work en plein in the morning or the end of the day as glowing light washes over the landscape.


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