Jamaica Plain Open Studios Gallery

Carol Johnson

Location: Courtyard of The Brewery

     I work in a range of mediums, lately mostly mixed media with recycled materials, found objects and handmade recycled paper(made by myself) with flower/nature forms imbedded in the recycled paper. I make collaged works at times with oil (stick), acrylic, torn paper/drawings/prints, india ink and other materials. I paint with oil, acrylic and/or watercolor. I create the  form and medium that works best for the piece. My art is emotional, symbolic, abstract, contemporary and spiritual in nature. I choose not to confine myself to just one medium and allow myself the freedom to choose. Not only the actual art but also the process is important to me.




























Business Name: Carol Johnson
Phone: 617-983-1743
Email: cajgem@yahoo.com

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