Jamaica Plain Open Studios Gallery

Cinderloop/ Antoinette Indge

Location: Loring Greenough, outside


Cinderloop clothing for women is designed and sewn by Antoinette Indge in her studio in Lowell, MA. Antoinette makes dresses, tops and tunics  from quality knits, featuring wearable designs and creative stitch details. The women who wear Cinderloop are at the center of Antoinette's work. She designs for them and their lives, making go-to pieces they will wear time and time again.


Antoinette Indge, owner of Cinderloop, was born in London, England. She grew up with a love of making things, usually in fabric and yarn, and eventually studied sculpture at art school. She moved to NYC in the 90s and started Cinderloop in 2002. She currently sells Cinderloop on her website and at craft shows throughout the Northeast. Antoinette currently lives and works at the artist community Western Avenue Lofts in Lowell, MA. www.cinderloop.com, instagram.com/cinderloop

Business Name: Cinderloop
Phone: 917-696-1241
Email: ant@cinderloop.com

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