Jamaica Plain Open Studios Gallery

Erik Gehring

Location: Eliot School, Outside

As a nature photographer I am drawn to the beauty of the Arnold Arboretum in Boston, not simply because I live minutes away.  This Boston treasure offers boundless opportunity to explore the natural world, featuring thousands of species of flora from around the world.  I relish wandering the grounds with my camera, in all four seasons, in fair weather and foul, examining the park’s continuously shifting dynamic.  Sometimes I have a direct purpose as the time is right to photograph a particular subject I had previously noted, or to return to subjects that I have already photographed successfully to observe how they have changed since I last visited them.  Other times I have no direct purpose – I’m out exploring because the light and scenery compel me to.  Still other times I am simply scouting subjects, imagining what conditions would best complement their features.


One direct purpose I often have in mind is shooting bark abstracts - many of the species at the Arboretum have stunning patterns of exfoliation.  I have found the best conditions to shoot these abstracts are during rainstorms, for two reasons: the cloud cover diffuses sunlight and evens out contrast, bringing out subtle colors; and more importantly, the saturation of the bark produces a saturation of the colors.

Business Name: Erik Gehring Photography
Phone: 617-594-6660
Email: erik@erikgehring.com

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