Jamaica Plain Open Studios Gallery

George Anastos

Location: 106 School Street

I have been painting for many years. I use Gouache and Acrylic paint. My work has evolved over the years from Colorful Cat paintings in gouace to Acrylic abstracts. Recently I have been taking photos of places and objects that strike me as interesting. I use the photo to inspire me to create a scene that depicts emotion through color and texture. At JPOS I will be showing my lastest works in Acrylic on paper and wood, as well as past works on canvas. I have greeting cards, umbrellas and magnets for sale too. Come visit me at my home where you can find three floors of work on display. My goal as an artist is to make my work accessible to all. I welcome you to my home. Vist my Website georgeanastos.com, I'm at 106 School Street.

Business Name: George Anastos
Phone: 617-524-1305
Email: ganastos61@gmail.com

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