Jamaica Plain Open Studios Gallery

Kelly Knight

Location: Eliot School Inside, 2nd floor

I think a lot about time, and the layers of lives lived in houses and communal spaces like churches,

schools, theaters and stores. I think about the imprint and impact - both tangible and ephemeral - left

behind by others. The bits of old newspaper and other artifacts found in old walls. The shards of

broken pottery and porcelain that surface in my back yard in Jamaica Plain. The uncovering of

architectural elements in old buildings - windows, doors, fireplaces - that become obscured as

buildings are modified over time.


I like working with vintage threads, fabrics and yarns because they contribute a layer of history to each

piece. I am fascinated with natural forms and, with a specific aesthetic in mind, I obsessively collect

leaves, seed pods, seaweed, branches, stones, shells, etc. Some of these elements find their way into

my work.



Business Name: Kelly Knight
Phone: 508-797-2571
Email: kellyack@gmail.com

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