Jamaica Plain Open Studios Gallery

Leora Mallach

Location: 27 Brookside Ave

B.B. batiks.

I have been doing this type of Batik work since I returned from a month in Ghana during the winter of 2005. I use a stamping technique to apply the wax. I love the artistic and creative process, and seeing how the colors and patterns interplay and present themselves.

People often wonder where the name of my company came from. A few friends came up with the name Burlington Basement Batiks, as I was living in Burlington, Vermont and had my studio in my friends’ basement. Then I moved to Boston, and set myself up to work in my backyard. So, B.B. stands for both where I’ve been and where I am currently. Studio B.

You can see more of my work at www.bbbatiks.com


You can see the artists in my neighborhood at http://bsidejp.wordpress.com/


Business Name: Studio B
Phone: 802-734-1090
Email: mallach@rocketmail.com

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