Jamaica Plain Open Studios Gallery

Lisa Linard Photography

Location: The Brewery - Outside tent


Lisa Linard is an inspired photographer, capturing the spirit and essence of places and cultures in her work. Her love of photography began in her childhood, when her allowance was routinely spent on film and darkroom equipment. After college she embarked on a career in graphic design, and for the past decade she has traveled the world creating vivid images that inspire and delight. From fishermen mending nets in southern Italy and colorful lanterns hanging in a Thai market, to dogs frolicking in New York City and snow in the tree outside her home, each photo draws in the viewer and transports them to another place. Her ability to capture these moments allows us to join her in her travels, experiencing places and events we might never see, and encourages us to embark on our own adventures.

Business Name: Lisa Linard Photography
Phone: 617-595-7431
Email: linardphoto@gmail.com

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