Jamaica Plain Open Studios Gallery

Lori Schneider


24 Porter Street

Jamaica Plain, MA 02130

Why art?  Why now?

I began to focus on artistic endeavors because of several medical issues that crept up on me and took over my life and basically stole it. We all have a few issues, but of course, I just can't be typical. Doctors are often told that "when you hear hoofbeats - think horses."  I am most certainly NOT a horse - in fact, one of my physicians refers to me as "his blue unicorn." 

My art helps me to release some of the daily frustrations and pain, and allows me to express the uniqueness that helps keep me centered.

I initially discovered the solace of the intricate minutiae of nature in the cloud forests of Costa Rica. While there, I learned not only how to capture the unique and extraordinary through my lens, but I also learned how to look beyond the obvious. I discovered a whole new world I had never seen before, that most people never see, simply because they scurry through life so fast, and don't take the time to look up, down, under or inside of what may seem mundane or ordinary. This enlightening experience forever changed the way I see the elements that surround me.

I offer the images and inspiration of these oft overlooked details in my metalwork, polymer art and unretouched photography.



Business Name: Stonybrook Fine Arts
Phone: 617-980-6015
Email: capturedbylori@gmail.com

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