Jamaica Plain Open Studios Gallery

Lynda Davis Jeha

Location: Hope Central Church


Lynda Davis Jeha grew up in Central Massachusetts and was born into a family of engineers, botanists, and chemists who also explored their creative interests as artists, woodworkers and jewelers. She was especially inspired by her father, an engineer and painter. Lynda’s brother is a professional photographer and her niece is currently enrolled in a photography program at college. Art has always and continues to be an integral part of her family.


A hallmark of Lynda’s work is her fascination with color. Some of her paintings are carefully conceived; while others are more spontaneous, but the common thread to all of her work is a bold exploration of various color schemes and the ability to push color past traditional limits. She enjoys using a wide range of mediums such as oil, acrylic, gouache, watercolor, and mixed media. Please visit: www.lyndadavisjehaart.com


Business Name: Lynda Davis Jeha Art
Phone: 781-771-1822
Email: ldavisjeha@msn.com

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