Jamaica Plain Open Studios Gallery

Marc Sevigny

Location: 730 Centre St, Jamaica Plain, MA 02130


My art is a product of a dream I had years ago. In that dream, I met an elder Australian aboriginal man in the bush. We squatted together as he painted a piece of flat wood using a stick as his brush. In the dream he handed me the stick and I started to paint. I have been painting ever since in the aboriginal style of dot painting, but in a more abstract form that I call “Aboriginal Dreams”.  I have since discovered that the Australian aboriginals also do a lot of dream work and often, when they paint, paint their dreams.


The work has evolved over the years that I have been painting and it is basically the manifestation of Source and creative potentiality moving through me.


My medium is acrylic paint and I paint on just about any surface that will hold the paint, though most of the work is on canvas and wood.


In 2012 I won first prize in the juried public show at the Hyde Park Art Association’s exhibit at the Scollay Square Art Exhibition in the Mayor of Boston’s City Hall Gallery for the painting Buddha Pada X shown below.

Business Name: J P Seafood
Phone: 857 719 1654
Email: maineman1@gmail.com

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