Jamaica Plain Open Studios Gallery

Mardi Reed

Location: 23 Cranston Street

Puddingstone Studio "Habitats"--woodcut prints, monotypes and paintings. "I have always been drawn to nature and now I am interested in the details and the interconnectedness of the natural world. My creative process begins with my relationship to the outdoors: running, walking and exploring smells, sights, sounds and light.  The land, the ocean and the weather inspire me and Olmstead's Emerald Necklace parklands are my link to the outdoors in Jamaica Plain.  I try to capture the chi', the Chinese word for life force and energy, through journal drawing, paintings and printmaking."


Mardi is a member of the Monotype Guild of New England and on the board of Jamaica Plain Artist Association. She leads "Walk and Draw" sessions regularly in the parks.  She lives and works in her studio, Puddingstone Studio, overlooking Hyde Square and her work can be viewed by appointment and during open studios in September each year. Mardi's work includes prints, watercolors and pastels from her time spent on Monhegan Island, Maine and Southern France.

Business Name: Puddingstone Studio
Phone: 617-522-2021
Email: mardi@puddingstonestudio.com

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