Jamaica Plain Open Studios Gallery

Nicole Aquillano

Location: Fire Opal - 683 Centre Street

Nicole is forever influenced by her longing to return to the comfort and stability of home, which she satisfies by creation of work with the ability to establish intimate connections.  Through the labor-intensive act of making, she establishes a close connection with each piece; one which is effortlessly transferred through the functionality of tableware.  Architectural imagery drawn from her photographic collection, coupled with the movement of glaze, elicit memories of times past.  These subtle narratives, inlaid with intense attention to detail, prompt display of the work when not in use, as a meaningful addition to any collection.  She is particularly interested in exploring the human need to maintain collections, as a way to preserve the past and satisfy the longing with which we inhabit the world: driven by a desire to hold onto that which will inevitably be lost.  Her memories and experiences are carved onto objects intended to be both used and collected: as a way to facilitate new relationships to fill the void left by that which we will never have again.

Business Name: Nicole Aquillano
Phone: 617-610-4092
Email: nicoleaquillano@gmail.com

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