Jamaica Plain Open Studios Gallery

Patricia Thaxton

Location: First UU Church- Outside

Patricia Thaxton is a Boston based educator, fashion designer, and visual artist.  She taught Home Economics for thirty-five years within the Boston Public School system in the Jamaica Plain area.  Following her retirement she had the opportunity to focus on her artwork.  Her work is a collection of ideas and images from sketchbooks dated from the 1970's to the present.  Thaxton is influenced by moments of everyday life.  Her background in family and community development is an evident theme throughtout her work.  In addition, her experience with fashion design allows for a unique process as well as an interesting mix of media.  Ms. Thaxton's Mixed Media Collage materials consist of:  cut pieces of various types of paper, accented by chalk pastels, pencil, watercolor and acrylic paints.

"I decided many years ago that I could not conform to any one medium; to create based upon what interest me at the time.  Along this journey, I discovered the elements that fascinate me:  texture, color and depth."

Welcome to my vision in Collage!

Business Name: Patricia Thaxton
Phone: (617) 697-9469
Email: patkinprod@gmail.com

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