Jamaica Plain Open Studios Gallery

Remi Picó

Location: 5 Chilcott Place, 3rd Floor (JPOS MAP LOCATION 9)

I am a conceptual Italian artist living and working in Jamaica Plain, Boston. I began my artistic career in London collaborating with the artist Josh Baum on making sculptures using water as the main element More recently my art has been focusing on the themes of semiotics, temporality and reality. In 2015 my conceptual work on language and temporality was selected for a TEDx talk, and more recently a painting from my Untitled Reality series was acquired for the permanent collection of the Boston Library and is now displayed at the Jamaica Plain Branch.

“How does our idea of reality change when language is transformed, weakened or even silenced?”. Whether articulated as a painting, 3d installations or video art my work points to these question by portraying spaces in which language evanesces, human conventions disappear and our constructed-reality fades away.



Business Name: Remi Picó
Phone: 857 763 9909
Email: remi@remipico.com

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