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Rob Festa has always had an interest in taking photographs, especially those that capture objects and places in an abstract setting.  He works have been shown in galleries in the greater Boston area and New York City.  Rob grew in the shadow of New Haven Connecticut surrounded by world-class architecture and amazing photographic inspiration.  He lives in Chelsea MA, with his wife Mary and their dog Sophie.  He is a Boston area architect and has worked with several nationally recognized architectural firms, currently, Group One Partners.  Rob is a Jamaica Plain Open Studios artist and a Jamaica Plain Arts Council board member, co-founder of UFORGE gallery, founder and curator of JP to me and a Professional Media member of American Photographic Artist.  He previously held board positions on both the Mission Hill and Jamaica Plain Centre/South Main Streets.  He received his Bachelor of Architecture degree from Wentworth Institute of Technology in 1991.



As an architect, I follow a process, a set of rules if you will, when given the charge to create built environment from my imagination.  I start with a concept, which develops into detailed drawings, three-dimensional renderings and models, and eventually takes shape as a tangible object.  I consider proportions, massing, composition, context, and how one might interact with my creation.  I approach photography in the same way.  When I encounter a scenario that interests me I begin to consciously develop my concept.  I ask myself, what is the best angle (proportions and massing), composition (symmetry or asymmetry), context (what to capture in the frame), and most importantly, how one might interact with my creation.  I look for spontaneous composition in both built form and in nature.  The interplay of light and shadow and the distortion of scale and color add to the abstract reality portrayed in many of my photographs

Most often I do not have my camera with me when discovering a subject to photograph, enabling me to contemplate the design process.  I shoot my photographs with Nikon’s d70s and d90 digital SLR cameras and process them with Apple Aperture, iphone and Adobe Photoshop. 


Business Name: dogdevilstudio
Phone: (617) 818-8679
Email: rob@dogdevilstudio.com

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