Jamaica Plain Open Studios Gallery

Stone McShane

Location: 27 Brookside Ave JP

I have a need to be creative, whether it is through cooking, baking, sewing, painting or writing stand up material I will find a way to get that need met. I also have OCD and have found that painting provides me with a constructive way of dealing with my compulsions. Usually once I start a piece I will work on it until completion, often forgetting to stop to eat. 

All of my pieces are painted with either a pencil ereaser or the tip of a skewer, tiny poke-a-dots connected to make a picture. I primarily work with very bold and vivd colors as I feel poke-a-dots call out to be bold.

I am self taught in all of my creative endeavors, only taking one class in comedy writing. I paint what I like, and it is a plus when others enjoy them also.

Business Name: 27 Brookside Ave
Phone: 5084944833
Email: SMcShane76@Gmail.com

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