Jamaica Plain Open Studios Gallery

Suzanne Hoffman

Location: TWO Locations: 713 Centre Street and 15 Eliot Street

I am a self-taught artist working primarily in oils and showing a combination of abstracted landscapes, pure abstraction and traditional plein air paintings.

The abstract work is begun with no pre-conceived idea of where the painting will eventually go. They belong to a painting style often referred to as “intuitive” painting, intuitive because at every step along the way, I am following the painting to see what it needs in terms of color, form, texture. Using dense oil pigments, cold wax medium, pastels, graphite, sand and sometimes flowers and dirt, I build up multiple layers of paint and wax and then “subtract” the paint with printmaking tools and a variety of implements, allowing what’s underneath to disappear and re-emerge in new form. I love the sense of magic as I stay with the ambiguity and wait to see what emerges when I apply, scrape away, and then re-build all these rich layers. What comes through from inside, underneath, in between, beyond, toward? What’s happening in all those little moments of experience? What does the painting need, want to say? I’m asking the same questions that I ask in my psychotherapy practice and, as with therapy, trying to just stay curious about what is unknown and waiting to be found.


Phone: www.suzannehoffmanart.com
Email: suzhoffman@gmail.com

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