Jamaica Plain Open Studios Gallery

Virginia Fitzgerald

Location: JP Knit & Stitch - 461 Centre St. - Jamaica Plain, MA
During Jamaica Plain Open Studios I will be performing my piece 'insatiable' at JP Knit & Stitch, as well as exhibiting some of my other fiber pieces.  I am very excited to be at this wonderful location and to be working on this piece. ‘insatiable’ belongs to a body of work which I call  ‘creatures’.  I call them creatures because each piece has its own personality.  Each creature is created in an intuitive process.  Each creature defines itself ~ I work in an organic way, adding different yarns and beads as the piece demands.  Then each creature is finished when it feels that it has reached its critical mass. 

'insatiable' has yet to reach its critical mass and I have been working on it for almost 2 years.  As the piece continued to grow and take in more and more materials, ‘insatiable’ became an interactive, performance piece. As well as using my own materials to add to 'insatiable' I encourage others to bring in any green/brown.black-ish 'fibers' for me to add.  I have crocheted into 'insatiable' old electrical cords, endless plastic bags, old campaign signs and even dog hair, so be creative.  And if you are interested you too can work on 'insatiable' - even if you don't know how to crochet, I will show you. 

To view more of my fiber work as well as my other artwork, and to learn of current shows, please check out my blog and my website. I look forward to seeing you during Open Studios. 


Business Name: Virginia Fitzgerald
Phone: 617-596-5179
Email: va.fitzgerald@comcast.net

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