Jamaica Plain Open Studios Gallery


Location: The Brewery - Outside tent


Wendy is a flower maven with an all consuming love of vintage and floral creations. Saddled with two black thumbs which prevent her from having real gardening skills, she takes old unassuming pieces of waste metal, Lucite or plastic beads, crystals, millinery blossoms and recycled leather belts  to transform in her studio. The outcome of her experiments reflects her love of color and composition. Her pieces are created primarily using old metal that is hand-painted for her identifiable style, hand riveted together and blended with other fresh or vintage components. Unexpected combinations yield pretty and visually vibrant results. These range from extravagant statement jewelry to simpler rings and barrettes. All of these reflect the inner joys of the ladies that wear them.



Business Name: wendy baker design
Phone: 401.941.2987
Email: bendywaker@gmail.com

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