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2022 Jamaica Plain Open Studios Artist Registration
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Terms of Participation
The Artist's JPOS 2023 Terms of Participation

As a Jamaica Plain Open Studios (from here on referred to as "the Event") participating artist -and by registering and paying my fees- I understand that I am committing to participation in a community based event staffed by volunteers, and fellow artists, and I agree to the following:

 Any artwork I display is my own creation.

 I commit to treating any and all organizers, volunteers, agents, participants, artists, patrons and sponsors with respect.

 I am responsible for making sure that the people who visit my location have a safe and friendly experience as I am representing not just myself but the event as a whole.

 The volunteer board and coordinator reserve the right to disqualify any artist, with or without refund, at their own discretion.

 I am responsible for my own site or tent being open and staffed continuously during the two day posted event hours.

 I have a shared responsibility in helping my audience find me. JPAC volunteers are responsible for promoting the whole event, it is my responsibility to promote my individual site.

 Participation in this eventin no way guarantees sales or traffic. Any advice shared issimply examples of "best practices". Following this advice may improve my event experience, yet results will be individually unique to each participant.

 I can obtain a banner to display outside my location by leaving a deposit with the coordinator at one of the announced dates. I get my deposit back upon return of the banner by the announced dates. If I do not return the banner by these dates, my deposit will be considered a donation.

 If I show as an individual artist, in my own space, I am responsible for putting up signs in a safe and legal way to help people find me. I am also responsible for removing all within 24 hours of the close of the event.

 I have reasonable expectations about where I am located and I can recruit other registeredlocal artists to join me and create a "block party" to make my location more appealing.

 By registering, I am automatically added to the JPAC email list and willreceive the JPOSnewsletter. If I unsubscribe from the newsletter or mark it as spam, I will no longer receive information related JPAC or showing at JPOS.

 I am responsible dates/deadlines as stated at, in the email newsletter or on the JPOS facebook page.

 I am responsible for all information about me on the web site including the correct spelling of my name, media, address of my exhibition, description of my work and sample artwork image(s). This information will be used for maps and web directories. I am responsible for proofing the information I upload during and after registration and attending map proofing sessions, online or in person.

 Registrations received after the deadline will not be in the printed map but will be on the public web site directory only if the Artist's Description and Medium has been entered and a sample image has been correctly uploaded.

 I understand that, should I no longer wish to participate, I may be eligible for a refund ifI registered before the printed map close and notify the coordinator before the map deadline, or if I have registered after the map deadline but notified the coordinator within 30 days of my registration.

These are the terms and conditions of participation in the Jamaica Plain Open Studios. They are here to protect the Members, Artists, Staff, Volunteers and Public attending the event. If you do not agree to these conditions, don't register.

The Artist's JPOS Terms of Participation – GROUP SITE ADDENDUM

Official JPOS group sites are donated private spaces, managed by JPOS volunteers.
Space is available on a first come first served basis through registration. There are no waiting lists.

 I must adhere to the policies of the group site, in addition to any contingencies set up by the site, site coordinator, and/or JPAC board. It is up to me research whether a particular site fits my needs and I can perform the duties required of me prior to registering.

 Outside spaces at official group sites are limited to 10' x 10' square spaces and I am responsible for my own tent and displays. To comply with Covid protocols and for the safety of other artists and patrons, 3 sided tents will be required for all artists and must be safe and adequately weighted.

 I understand that new state and/city requirements could arise before the event date which will require my compliance.

 This event is rain or shine. I am responsible for my artwork and space and will be prepared to weather-proof in the event of inclement weather. Official indoor sites are already in use and I cannot simply "move inside".

 In the event of cancellation, JPOS has agreed to fully refund all registration fees. (Please allow 3-4 weeks for checks to arrive.)


 I understand that due to the ongoing public health situation, all listed conditions, rules and standards, are subject to change. These changes may be made necessary by the prevailing Rules and Guidelines as set forth by Federal, State or City governments, or any of the Agencies with the authority to do so.

 Artists showing in business spaces will follow the regulations set out by the host business.

 In the event we are required to cancel the event due to health and safety rules and guidelines set out by the Federal, State of City Government, JPOS will refund registration fees.